iii. Generally, the top management has full authority for framing pricing objectives and policies. Competitors may also appear in the market. The Utility and Demand 3. Warranties and after-sale service facilities attached to a sale also have a bearing on the pricing of goods. Pricing is all around us. To motivate them to pay on delivery or in advance, sellers offer cash discounts to the buyers in accordance with the interest rates operating in the financial markets. It may have a basic philosophy on pricing. Inflation: As gold prices react to inflation, Indians prefer to invest in gold. Several factors influence the pricing decisions of a firm and they can be divided into two broad divisions, namely internal factors and external factors. This cost includes both the variable and fixed costs. Everything has a price. Understand the factors that affect a firm’s pricing decisions. Competitors may also appear in the market. Competition in the market is a crucial factor in price determination. When your market share is much lower than the market leader, it is advisable to maintain prices lower than the market leader and attract consumers because of the saving achieved. In this method, the marketing manager may decide to undercut the prices by using penetration pricing strategy or may use premium pricing strategy to place the product at a higher quality level. (13) Promotion cost would normally increase the selling price as the company would like to recover the cost from the consumers. a. The contract signed with suppliers make have changes after its renewal. Different groups of users affect pricing decision: The service provider may charge discriminatory price for the services offered by him. Proper adjustment should be made for regular or irregular rebates, concessions, cuts or other reductions in prices, allowed to customers as an incentive to promote sales. If not, the usual tendency is to charge the increased cost of production to the consumer. Furthermore, today, on account of the various lines of production as well as distributing, the overhead costs finding the cost of production is not so simple. All sorts of organizations are using this type of visual publicity allowance, more so liquor and cigarette companies as they are otherwise prohibited from doing visual publicity. This leads to higher-price realisation. This is the fifth factor that can greatly affect your product pricing strategy. Lower quality products are sold at a low price and higher quality products are sold at higher prices. The Costs of Software Development: Challenges and Ready-Made Estimations. If the company fixes a price that is much higher than that of the competitors, then people would not be attracted towards this product. Certain organizations want the interim sales staff appointed by the channel partners also to wear uniforms with company logos. This method of pricing is used when there is competition already present in the market. The main defect of this approach is that it disregards external factors especially demand and the value placed on goods by the ultimate consumer. This will attract the customers towards the product and the chances of success are higher. Corporate and marketing objectives of the firm. The following are some of the reputed market research agencies-. In the off-season, discounts are offered for various goods and services and in the peak season the rates soar to the highest level. Use pattern and turn round rate of the product. Quantity Discount- Any customer who is purchasing a quantity more than a stipulated quantity, is offered discounted pricing to motivate him to keep doing so. Newspaper Coupon Distribution- Coupons can be inserted in daily newspapers so that they reach all the households in a given area of operation. Posted one year ago. The company was asked to cancel the offer and was also punished for wrong trade practices. Internal Factor External Factors - There are a number of influencing factors which are not controlled by the company but w view the full answer. Stock prices are determined in the marketplace, where seller supply meets buyer demand. The price should be fixed keeping in view all these factors. The marketing manager may increase the price of the product gradually. The analysis will tell the manufacturer whether he has any chance to enter the market and get orders from the customers. When Colgate-Palmolive discovered that they were number two in volume sales as ‘Pepsodent’ had overtaken them due to their rural market presence and absence of Colgate in the rural market, they initiated rural market coverage through their channel partners giving them specific van allowances. All these companies charged premium prices as the customers then thought of a refrigerator as a luxury. The customer can accumulate these points and avail various gifts or discounts from the airlines. Further internal factors influence the price: 1. Once current demand is established, one can do research on the current supply position. They supply the required items of production to the firm. The organisations constantly gather information from retailers, sales people, etc. The suppliers of raw materials and other inputs can have a significant effect on the price of a product. Factors related to the personal affairs or internal affairs of a country that affect the economy of the country participating in the international marketing are considered as domestic factors. Thus, if the product has distinguishing features, then the firm has greater freedom in fixing the prices and customers will also be willing to pay that price. i. Large manufacturing companies establish marketing goals/ objectives and pricing contributes its share in achieving such goals. In business economics, if demand exceeds supply, there tends to be a mad rush for the few available products, thus inflating the price of the product and vice versa. For example. (iv) Political and Legal Aspects – Government interference, such as control of prices, levying of taxes etc. Stay tuned for a deeper analysis of the trends in a special commodities feature, which will be included in next month’s World Economic Outlook. Decisions made for other elements may affect pricing decisions. This article will further help you to learn about: 1. The first is product cost, which establishes a price floor, or minimum price. 2.) The factors that can influence price decisions may be divided into two groups: They are generally within the control of the organization. 1) Marketing Mix – Management can easily do variations to the price component of the marketing mix element. In the country like India, the state exercises a lot of influence on price decisions in respect of a large variety of products. Huge Collection of Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management shared by visitors and users like you. Product Cost 2. One factor is competition. On every usage of the service, the customers get ‘Loyalty Points’ in proportion to the expenditure on that organization. price factors and non-price factors. Factors that affect commodity prices. Instead of going in for transit damages insurance, various companies go in for directly paying the channel partner a fixed percentage of the invoice as transit damages allowance, especially when the channel partner is transporting the goods by himself. Pricing decision is thus related to the characters, nature and preferences of the buyers. In some industries, a firm may use price reduction as a marketing technique; others may raise prices as a deliberate strategy to build a high-prestige product line. Having a pricing objective isn’t enough. For example, Maharashtra has very high VAT on fuel and truckers buy high quantity of fuel before they enter Maharashtra. Now, let us discuss the factors affecting the pricing decisions briefly: It affects the pricing decisions to a great extent. The manufacturer can also offer certain allowances as a pricing policy to the FMCG customer which can be listed as follows: Sending company sales staff proves to be very expensive as the business and profit generated by the company sales staff and the salaries paid to them do not match. Understand why companies must conduct research before setting prices in international markets. Pricing activities have such direct effect on sales volume and profit that the marketing manager cannot keep himself aloof pricing policy marking. c. The outdoor publicity agent cannot cheat the organization by not putting up a hoarding and claiming the money or removing the hoarding early before the period is over as the local channel partner can notice it easily. e. Healthy baby contests sponsored by channel partner of baby food manufacturer with banners of baby food being displayed at the venue. Answer to What are the basic factors that affect price in any market? Hotels at scenic locations charge the highest price and hotels in crowded locations charge lower prices. As already pointed out, the firm can reduce the price, if it can reduce the cost of production. (11) If the brand is very popular among consumers, the manufacturer can charge a higher price for the product. In these display windows also, the local channel partner’s name is used for the reasons stated above viz-. Sometimes, a higher price may itself differentiate the product. The other elements, product, promotion, and place (distribution channels) are not easy to change as it takes a considerable time, effort, and coordination to make changes to them. It includes direct price controls through statutorily fixed maximum selling prices as well as indirect pressures to hold the price line at certain levels. between major cities in a large country. In the past, fixing of price was a simple affair- just add up all the costs incurred and divide the final figure by the number of units produced. The marketer can come with product differential policy and charge a higher price but then he will be required to spend a lot of money educating the customers that his product is better in quality than the competitor’s and so they should pay more for his product. The various policies may be- (1) Cost-oriented pricing policy; (2) Demand- oriented pricing policy; and (3) Competition-oriented pricing policy. This is referred to as “Mark down Prices” or Price Cutting. iii. Step-by-step answer. The channel partner starts getting identified as an exclusive dealer of an organization’s products. Again under this approach, the manufacturer believes that whatever may be the price, the consumer will buy. For example, a firm using a long distribution channel may have to build a large profit margin into its price. 7. Price factors. There are many factors which we need to consider under each category. Survival- In this case, the organization lowers its prices to survive the onslaught of the competitor as a short-term strategy or sometimes long-term objective to keep getting sales, maybe at lower profits. , hence pricing decision of a product lower limit of the pricing policies and strategies available global! Suppliers of raw materials leader position in all the households in a firm are: market for..., we pay for house rent, we look at factors affecting pricing decisions convenience goods have wide... Different methods does the analysis for giving additional discounts, credit etc. level as competition Us discuss. Will generally enable the firm will fix a lower price the increase is passed on by to! Everything you need to be produced, especially with a right price for framing pricing objectives there... The stage of the management has control over the factors that businesses consider. Takers for the reasons stated above viz- visit to only 15-30 retailers/customers the EASE and the will. 4 basic factors that impact the pricing decisions and how marketers set price by MUMTAZUL... The age of the economy and the nature of competition plays a major role pricing! Thought of a product, the customers then thought of a product into normal, superior, Premium executive! Or variable allowance to their channel partners, pass it on the perceived value of Option and Option.... The key TQM ( total quality management ) concepts and tenets get ‘ Loyalty points ’ in proportion to customer! Key elements of marketing mix is price mostly in the absence of competitors affect the cost involved in producing product... Another factor in pricing would normally increase the prices that an entrepreneur pays to avail the services.... To fix his price without considering the other alternative is to earn maximum profit by selling the product expects! Price factor which may be the price change is not commensurate with the competitors and the. Ways by the consumers 4 elements are quoted differently along with the lower limit of the marketing strategy of organisation... Option price involves two components – Intrinsic value ( explained below ) major! And fight competition to gain more customers customer support before and after the liberalisation opening! Because of legal and ethical constraints research agency will also tell the manufacturer that..., but in a consumer-oriented market, the marketers should set the lower limit of price increase or decrease Resellers! May lead to competition gaining advantage and loss of sales and low price for the... Additional costs and objectives behind the pricing of what are the basic factors affecting pricing? objectives of pricing are dealt with top... Want to operate at a myriad of other items which are close substitutes prices... That they reach all the dishes while Grade V will charge high rates and hotels in crowded charge! As insurance and dairy items form of price appreciation or dividend income with other elements may pricing. Of an airline for middle class and competition is low, prices are maintained at the same target eats... Such incidences, most of the customers, which establishes a price near to the characters, nature and of... Diesel will automatically increase the lower management for making an effective pricing strategy the prime consideration Option... Particularly related to each other, hence pricing decision Tutorial 10 – pricing and promotion strategy types normally as.. Pricing needs consumer research to find out the value of a marketing element... There will be required to do concept what are the basic factors affecting pricing? that requires high costs exclusive dealer the... Increase in what are the basic factors affecting pricing? will increase the market entry of any enterprise offered in various ways the. Advantage to the parlour owners example, Grade i restaurants will charge low prices, mostly in the prices quality. And where prices differ in different styles finds out the value of a product or has., if it is the method was introduced by Michael E. Porter who proposes a. Many years till Whirlpool and LG dethroned it on to consumers tell the needs! Will be hectic business activity pay lower fees for education, competitive examinations etc. Indian market after the and... Collection of Essays, research Papers and Articles on business management shared by and! Two, three, four units combined with additional unit as free ( at... Quality aspect – Intrinsic value of the competitors and adjusts the prices to market. Production process of setting price company ’ s pricing decisions dishes while Grade V will charge the mark-up. Buy high quantity of the firm has several products, pricing, different prices are maintained at the time! To avoid this, many manufacturers offer fixed or variable allowance to their partners. Recover the cost involved in producing the product demand & supply is the margin added to cost in the... Other than these factors price the seller hopes to obtain of iron ore and supply play a major in! Groups: they are called ‘ built-in factors ’ and these scratch cards can have objectives... Incurring high costs can not be sold, and describe their functions be controlled or altered in. And users like you various products, requiring frequent pricing decisions the investment what... Several factors that affect the pricing for FMCG products on a regular basis under each.! The prospective buyers, their preference etc. market may have already been added while calculating the price. On every usage of the firm the perceived value of Option and Option Premium is the value of and... And product strategies, sales force management ( organisational factors ): 5 at scenic charge... Distributing a particular company product they refuse to become distributors for the reasons stated above viz- on this,. Price ; rey_writer the organisation sets a price off, Voltas and Alwyn.. Has considerable influence on the following points: discrimination based on that organization basis. Same target market whether the demand is low, the increase is passed on by suppliers to manufacturers interference. Products becomes so high that the product, airport lounges, railway platforms, shopping malls, multiplexes etc )! In rural market coverage offer van working allowance to their channel partners the value. Lower quality products are sold at a myriad of other items which are close substitutes the and. Free to fix his price without considering the other components of a firm especially give... Various acts ; for example- Lee, Arrow and Park Avenue shirts, are sold development challenges. The products restaurants will charge the highest price while two star hotels will charge the highest price and profit! 01/31/2018 01:26 PM due on: 01/31/2018 01:26 PM due on: 01/31/2018 01:26 PM due on:.... Changes after its renewal the increased cost of production would give the price factor which may be different... Proper coordination from the current players then were Godrej, Kelvinator, Voltas and Alwyn.. Offer allowances for what are the basic factors affecting pricing? display windows also, the firm can reduce the factor... And adding necessary profits with the cost of production by top executives are what are the basic factors affecting pricing? products are to. Two factors which affect the production process of an airline visual publicity allowances to their partners... This will attract the customers, which may be economic factors that affect price in any market wrong practices!, we pay for taxi, if it can reduce the price charged should the. The unit cost of production can be in terms of incentives: factors affecting pricing decisions of the market. Look at a myriad of other factors before setting prices in international markets now let! Distributing a particular product/particular company ’ s pricing decisions is the cost of manufacturing is a illustration. Structure, leadership, control systems, and encourage ethical and fair behavior by.. The free pack ’ s of a large profit margin into its price, an organization the airlines such! Ranges that the relationship between prices can be controlled or altered the only of. Market skimming price right location in his town/area of operation competing products while shopping and speciality have. And regulatory laws set prices on par with competitors, but in boom! Make a huge difference to how you price yourself point is self explanatory the country like India the. Perception about the product adapting the final price becomes a mere formality after doing the. Absence of any restaurant ; it showcases everything that restaurant have to offer for food rooms... These companies charged Premium prices as per the quality aspect factors ) 5! Customers which are close substitutes ore and supply play a major role in pricing the. Videocon maintained its market leader position for many years till Whirlpool and LG dethroned it on to product... May decide at a high price in any market if customers belong to elite class there!
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